ZDF: Change the way we watch TV

With the digital transformation, the behavior of television viewers changes radically: Completely new viewing habits determine the handling of TV content. Streaming services confront the classic TV landscape with completely new challenges. The Second German Television reacts to these developments with a comprehensive digital offer.

THE NEW ZDFmediathek

All content at any time and everywhere on demand - and comfortably under one address: Since 2013, CELLULAR has been the digital agency of the ZDF and has designed the digital era of television and the media world. The result is the merger of ZDFmediathek and zdf.de to one platform since the end of 2016. Whether live TV, downloads or video on demand - the digital strategy of ZDF meets the needs of viewers for self-determined and individual television. The entire range offered by the channel family of the Second German Television is available as an app - for all viewers, on all smart screens. Thanks to the embedded video player and the support of multiple platforms, the native media library provides the best possible picture. The unified UX design on all digital touchpoints creates a high recognition value. This allows a completely new experience of the "Big Screens" on mobile devices. A strong back-end structure ensures the high performance of the digital program. Even with poor internet connection. Along with CELLULARs longtime brand expertise, ZDF Television is completely reinterpreting the way we watch TV and creates the best possible digital viewing experience for the smart market.

The ZDFmediathek app

With formats such as the Neo Magazine Royale, which extends its digital reach with digital pre-broadcasts, bingewatching packages and mobile-only content, the ZDF sets a pioneering trend in times of digital change. Synchronize the personal watch list on all devices? First time possible through the My ZDF feature. The digital product development goes beyond the native apps. In addition to the customized options for smart TV, smartphones and tablets, the second German TV with ZDFheuteXpress also takes place at the Amazon Echo Dot. Users will receive their personal daily summaries from heuteXpress content. The video content of the ZDF is specially adapted for Alexa as MP3 and updated every minute.

Smart TV: The ZDFmediathek on the TV screen

Whether Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, Google Nexus or Apple TV - the ZDFmediathek is available on all major TV boxes via the large screen. And so without any time pressure in the middle of the living room of the audience. Thereby ZDF attaches importance to the recency: All devices are recorded promptly. Right with the launch of the Apple TV CELLULAR and the ZDF immediately became part of it and therefore also of Tim Cooks Keynote. Moreover Apple features the ZDFmediathek until today on the German site of the box.

2nd screen experience

With the second-screen technology, the ZDF app offers an interactive live support parallel to current programs and thus an unprecedented possibility of individual interaction. With the Multiangle-View, which has demonstrated its full potential especially at the 2014 Football World Cup, the app offers access to completely new content in the second screen mode.

App Downloads

The ZDFmediathek is available on all devices.