All our great clients have one thing in common: They understand that digital transformation is happening right now, not sometime in the near future, and that it needs undivided attention. That is exactly where we stand as your partner.


From TV guide magazine to app, from app to OTT TV – TV SPIELFILM has become one of the biggest TV providers in Germany, with a strong backend infrastructure and perfect UX design on all screens – including all TV networks in HD.

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Rethinking Retail

The retail industry is changing dramatically, thanks to Amazon and others. From now on we have to rethink and rebuild everything: ERP systems, real time data, customer programs, payment. With the focus on the customer, we build the services you need.

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Building the perfect

Seamlessly digital: Before, during, and after the cruise. And on to the next journey. We are with TUI Cruises throughout every step of the customer journey. On all platforms and at all customer touchpoints – on land, on water, and even in air.

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Reinventing the way we watch TV

New consumers, new viewing habits. The world of TV has been turned upside down. That means: rethinking, re-interpreting, and re-orchestrating everything. Ratings are measured in digital ranges – by those sitting in front of smart screens.

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Be fast, be smooth, be beautiful

Sunrise is the powerhouse of network providers in Switzerland. Together we create innovative, intuitive products for a complex, multi-screen landscape.

Banking is supposed to be intuitive!

Das Bankwesen befindet sich in einem dramatischen Umbruch. Die FinTech-Industrie macht den traditionellen Anbietern vor, wie Banking funktionieren sollte. Und wir fragen uns, wie Kunden schnell, intuitiv und auf Augenhöhe ihre Finanzgeschäfte abwickeln können.

News is supposed to be facts!

Seriöse Nachrichten im Zeitalter von “Fake News” und "Alternative Facts": Die NZZ gehört zu den wichtigsten Tageszeitungen weltweit und muss sich im digitalen Raum sinnvoll positionieren. CELLULAR entwickelt seit Jahren UX und Technologie für alle mobilen Devices.

When 200MBit is not enough!

Germany’s second largest cable network provider (a subsidiary of Liberty Global) aims to do more with its strong and powerful network covering more than 1.2 million homes: Exciting digital services!

Shopping won't be the same anymore

What are shopping malls supposed to do when online shopping takes from their traditional retail revenue? Curated shopping, indoor navigation, product recommendations, delivery services, bonus point programs, and mobile payment are all part of the solution in so called “future malls” and as a white label rollout across Europe.

салам дүйнө “Hello World” in kirgish

Eat this, Google Translate: Breaking news and tons of background information in 30 different languages! We bring the concept, design, and engineering.