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What will news look like in 2020? We have been working on this question together with the TV broadcaster ZDF since early 2019. In response, our client expanded its editorial team. We were tasked with completely rethinking the news app in order to enable the content of ZDF Heute broadcasts to be streamed on mobile devices around the clock. This led to the creation of an app containing a big promise from ZDF: "See more, understand more".




ZDF Heute




The competition to gain the attention of viewers and users is in full swing. New players are challenging the dominance of traditional TV broadcasters. The time has come for ZDF to reevaluate its services and align them with the times. The TV station has commissioned Cellular to anchor ZDF Heute among the top news outlets in Germany and make it a permanently relevant hit among digital news consumers. A mobile-first approach marks the company's main strategic pillar, in addition to expanding its editorial team.

ZDF Heute News App – in Light and Dark Mode


We have combined design, concepts and technology to give ZDF Heute's editorial content the stage it needs to reach its broad and diverse audience. In addition to extra personalization options and a clear news overview, we have included more live streams, regular fact checks and videos and stories in portrait format. Morning and evening briefings complete the service.

In contrast to other news apps, the ZDF Heute app provides several benefits to win over the public: It is not only one of the top news apps in the app stores, but also considered an established news broadcaster. As is clear from the notable increase in users.

“With the relaunch, ZDF Heute has become our central online platform for up-to-date information – the ZDF Mediathek remains the main contact point for longer journalistic moving image formats, fictional material and entertainment. In order to provide a more comprehensive online news service, we have strengthened our online news team and reorganized the underlying editorial and production processes. We want to use the journalistic quality and competence of ZDF to provide targeted new content online.”

Peter Frey, ZDF Editor in Chief
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