HVV switch

Mobility platform of the future

The city of Hamburg is growing – and with it, so are the mobility requirements of the metropolitan area. Since 2019, we have been working with Hamburger Hochbahn to help them establish smart mobility solutions for the city and its inhabitants. So far, we have launched the HVV Switch app, which combines services from a range of mobility service providers.




HVV switch




The Hamburg Public Transport Association (HVV) launched the switch brand several years ago to link all of the transport modes offered in the city. But only now is the time really ripe for the concept of combining different transport modes. The Hamburg Senate has resolved to make mobility in the metropolitan region fit for the future and motivate more people to make the switch from cars to public transport and instead take advantage of the new transport options. A corresponding concept has already been drafted and the technological means to combine several transport modes are there.

HVV Switch by Cellular.

Our solution

Cellular has been tasked with combining several modes of transport in one app and creating one login for all services under the name HVV Switch. Ultimately, this will transform the simple ticket shop into a mobility provider for a day on-the-go in the city – as an easy-to-use guide from A to B to C, encompassing all transport modes. The first cooperation partner is the ride sharing service Moia. Thanks to their involvement, passengers can book their Moia rides via the app at the same time as they book HVV tickets. Further providers will be added, and extra features will be rolled out at a later date. Cellular has provided a permanent team of UX designers, product strategists, develops and technical project managers for this project. This provides the required framework for implementing individual projects and also offers fixed infrastructure for implementation. Cellular is therefore a key digital-strategic partner in the Hamburger Hochbahn strategy – helping the Hanseatic city transform its mobility concept.

“Right now, passengers are more focused than ever on flexibility and feeling safe when it comes to selecting a mode of transport. At the same time, many passengers want to see more movement, contact and a stride towards a new normal. The HVV Switch app is the ideal solution for this”.

Henrik Falk, CEO of the Hamburger Hochbahn
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