We are digital

Everthing is changing. Nothing will be the same anymore.

Radical change, new thinking, unimagined possibilities. These are the drivers of this new digital world. Consumers are changing their habits. Vendors are seeking new business models. Many call this phenomenon a revolution. Others, “digital transformation.” CELLULAR accompanies brands and companies through this new world. Luckily, we started our business 18 years ago.

Back when we were a bunch of data driven nerds with big visions, digital devices, and a lot of passion for big brands. Over the years, we have guided many customers into their digital transformations – as well as reinventing ourselves many times to keep up to speed with the ever changing requirements. With these years of experience and our continued passion, we maintain the competencies necessary for tackling any digital transformation.

We are your conversation partners for business models, Key Performance Indicators, and silos.

All of which, we have a deep understanding. We are well-versed in brand identity and management. We are experts in design and concepts – areas in which we have won many awards. Perhaps most importantly, we understand your customers. And at CELLULAR, we don’t just talk, we do. We build technical solutions. We design system landscapes. We connect to existing backend solutions.

We engineer all systems for all screens, the most important touchpoint to your customer. Digital transformation is complex, individual, and takes a lot of time. There is no shortcut, no easy way out. That is where we begin our journey. When a big brand is seeking answers AND technical solutions, we are the right choice. "Behind the Screens" is our motto, but it could also be “Getting Things Done.”

What’s the perfect digital transformation strategy? Yours!

What is necessary to develop a successful digital product? What's the ideal toolset for making actual change? The range expands different layers, processes, and competencies. CELLULAR covers the most important services to launch a product idea into the digital orbit.

And many steps are required: from measuring the existing architecture, understanding the business structure, developing a digital strategy, using prototypes, all up to engineering backend and frontend systems which interact and operate perfectly in your customer’s environment.