Want to change the world?
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We are looking for the next big hit. Our customers value that we don’t simply reshape the old into the new: We think outside the box. Our term for this is Impact Engineering:  We work on intelligent projects to revolutionize business models. Whether it's an ecosystem, individual software or digital products. We’re not fussed with buzzwords. We also don’t chase to keep up with every trend. Instead, we know our business.

Our mission?

We question everything. We break the rules. We strive to achieve the impossible. We set the standards. And we’re never done.

People at Cellular

What matters to us in cooperations – our values

We meet each other at eye level.
Our cooperations are characterized by a strong willingness to help, respect, transparency and trust. Our managers set a strong example and expect all employees to follow suit. We work on this on a daily basis.

We're entrepreneurs.
Those who like to take the initiative and make brave decisions won’t feel out of place here. Our actions are shaped by questioning how things currently are and creating forward-looking solutions that set new standards and revolutionize entire industries. We only accept the highest quality in all areas, processes and projects.

We are open-minded.
We value our colleagues for their individual strengths and their enjoyment in meeting new people, broaching new topics and achieving new goals. Only this approach enables us to identify opportunities and distinguish sustainable developments from temporary fads. We believe that the best results are produced by interdisciplinary teams of colleagues from all levels of experience, genders and cultures.

We want to make a difference.
Everything we do is done out of conviction. We develop solutions to bring about lasting changes. Our teams are driven by vigor, passion and enjoyment for their work. The framework we have created for this is characterized by flexibility and an enjoyable working atmosphere. As an environmentally conscious company, we are committed to becoming climate neutral.