For the environment:

As an agency, we are aware that we have a responsibility towards our environment. And we want to do our part. We no longer want to stand idly by, as our earth becomes decayed. That is our motivation for launching the #AgenciesForFuture initiative and appealing to everyone to join the action.

But where to start? At the beginning of the year we asked ourselves this question and, in our opinion, there is no simple and all-embracing answer, because the topic of climate change is simply too big for this single question. Due to this reason, we have sat down with the experts of the Hamburg climate protection company ARKTIK

Avoid, reduce and compensate

The result: We as CELLULAR have the opportunity to take responsibility for the entire team and their families. Following actions arise from the mental experiment:

Sustainable travel: Together with ARKTIK, we compensate the CO2 for all business trips and the entire shuttle service of our team. In addition, we extend this action to all holiday trips of the employees, including their relatives. We move private travel consciously as we hope to bring the discussion to the families and even beyond that. We want to encourage more people to question their behavior.  In this case compensating means: The CO2 production will be compensated by investments in climate protection projects.

100% sustainable electricity - also for our suppliers: From now on we only want to draw energy from sustainable sources. Additionally we also demand this from our suppliers.

Bicycle leasing: For the daily arrival, everyone in the team can now lease a bicycle at a discounted price, so that transportation within Hamburg remains completely CO2-free. For following refreshing, there will be showers in our rooms soon.

Green company car: Cellular will only approve alternative-drive vehicles, if a company car is even necessary at all. Medium term, we will abandon company cars completely and offer environmentally friendly alternatives

The aforementioned measures are just the beginning of a non-polluting agency. We are already working on other topics, such as the avoidance of plastic in the agency everyday’s life.

As we all know, together we can achieve greater things

Therefore, we hope to convince as many agencies and companies as possible to join our initiative #AgenciesForFuture! Due to that motivation, the appeal is addressed to all agencies and its people out there. Do not wait for senior management to become aware of the initiative and start following the action plan. Changes can be made also from bottom up. Change can be made by you.

In particular: Detect where you can reduce, compensate and most important of all avoid CO2. We have the opportunity in our hands to change things - so let’s do it!

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