Climate neutral. Since 2019.

We are architects of the digital future. It is only logical that we take climate protection and sustainability into account.

We develop ecosystems that revolutionize business models. Today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow. And that only works if the largest ecosystem, the world out there, is in balance. We owe it to ourselves and our children to make our contribution. To our employees, customers, partners. Actually, to the whole world.   

That's why we emphazise sustainability.

Cellular is setting a good example and has already decided to become climate neutral in summer 2019. With #Agenciesforfuture , we have also launched an initiative that calls on all companies in the tech and agency scene to do the same. Because together we can achieve more.

"The discussion about the climate, the impact of #FridaysForFuture and, last but not least, the conversations with our employees got me thinking. Unfortunately, we can't undo anything, but we can influence the future. It almost doesn't matter whether we start with small or large steps. The main thing is that we start."

Panos Meyer, CEO Cellular

What we cause.
What we compensate.

(300 metric tons) of carbon dioxide are generated annually* by our business activities. That's too much. We have made a commitment to reduce this value together. (500 tons) of CO2 we offset every year. We round up this value generously because we are aware of our responsibility.

*2019 - the value for 2020 is significantly lower due to the pandemic

This is how we reach our goals.

Business and vacation travel
We offset the carbon footprint of our business travel and the commutes of our employees. In addition, we are extending CO2 compensation to our teams' vacation trips. In this way, we protect the environment and take the issue into the families of our employees to initiate discussions there as well. 

Green company cars
Every new company car that is approved is an alternatively powered car. Our colleagues can choose between electric, gas or hybrid cars. As a matter of principle, we look very closely at whether a company car is necessary at all.

Mobility budget
As a development partner of Hamburger Hochbahn AG, we will be offering our employees in Hamburg the HVV Switch mobility budget from fall 2021. Each individual can decide whether to use the monthly budget for buses, trains or private mobility service providers.

Bicycle Leasing
We offer all employees the opportunity to lease a traditional or electric bicycle at reduced rates. If you work up a sweat, you can refresh yourself in an office shower at our Hamburg site.

Clean electricity
We purchase green electricity and work exclusively with hosting suppliers who have committed to climate neutrality, too.

Everyday company life
We carefully separate any waste that arises. We do not use plastic tableware and try to reduce plastic waste in all other places. In addition, our printers are filled with recycled paper. 
At our events, we completely avoid meat and offer our employees and guests vegetarian alternatives.