Mein Schiff App
Intervealed multiscreen strategy on land and ship
The task of TUI Cruises is to make every ride with the ship of the wellness fleet to a special experience. This special experience has been transferred into the “Mein Schiff” app.
Guests and all those interested can dive into this world of experience right through the app and get to know the wide range of the “Mein Schiff” fleet. In the course of this, detailed photo’s and facts all about the next wellness vacation are provided. One of the highlights is the virtual tour in 360°, which enables the passengers to have a glance on the ship even before the vacation. Furthermore, a personal travelling plan is deposited, which gives advice about land excursions and suggestions for spare time activities on the high seas.
The “Mein Schiff” app from CELLULAR consequently integrates in the digital multiscreen strategy from TUI Cruises. On all ships of the fleet, the passengers have the possibilty to access cabin TV apps in their cabin, interactive digital signage screens in front of elevators, restaurants and further locations, such as the smartphone and tablet portals. All screens answer the purpose to optimally inform the passengers and guests about the ship, the daily program and the bookable performances and therewith take full advantage of the own vacation on the “Mein Schiff”.
In July 2016 the “Mein Schiff 5” was baptized. Ever since the multichannel solutions are running on 5 ships of the “Mein Schiff” fleet. And the “Mein Schiff” 6 is already in the pipeline.
BIRGER VEIT, Managing director CELLULAR:
“This multiscreen project is in every respect something very special – also for us as a digital agency. Our client TUI Cruises thinks consequently digital and declines the requirements of its guests completely new. That is for us the perfect preconditions to develop optimal and especially unique solutions.”